/  LIVE AT OXEGEN 2008
Artist: Mundy
Publisher: Camcor Recording Ireland
Release Date: 14/01/2011
01. The Sound of Keys [Live] Download
02. By Her Side [Live] Download
03. Raining Down Arrows [Live] Download
04. Fever [Live] Download
05. July [Live] Download
06. 10,000 Miles Away (From Harm) [Live] Download
07. To You I Bestow [Live] Download
08. If Januarys Blue [Live] Download
09. Love & Confusion [Live] Download
10. Gin & Tonic [Live] Download
11. Galway Girl [Live] Download
12. Mexico [Live] Download

About The Release

On a typically wet Friday evening at Oxegen in 2008 Mundy and his band played a very special set in a large tent to 10,000 people. We recorded it for prosterity and have made it available exclusively on itunes. It features all his hits, ‘July’, ‘Mexico’, ‘To You I Bestow’ and very special guest Sharon Shannon on ‘Galway Girl’ which literally bought the roof down.
To You I Bestow from Mundy Live at Oxegen 2008