I never got around to posting this performance with me and @jiggytheband performing JULY on @rteone #upforthematch a few weeks back. Here it is with some crazy filter I can’t turn off!! 😂 ...

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I read this on my little break. @daveghrol of @foofighters Autobiography. The pages turned rapidly. Such a beautiful dude. Great insights and musical adventures. What a big big heart. I caught myself almost sobbing with joy and sorrow at times. The glue dried out with the heat and the first 40 pages (I’d thankfully read) blew the whole way across the beach, where a couple of Germans tried to recover-running in their skimpy swim suits. Part of this book is at the bottom of the Libyan Ocean! Anyways. It’s a great read. And I’ve more respect for this man than ever. ❤️☘️ ...

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And that’s ‘the moon over Paleochora’ ...

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I was over in Crete recently. It was my first time to ever travel without a guitar cuz of all the horror stories I have seen and heard in the channels. Anyways.. I think I played more guitar on this trip than I would have if I brought my own. This chap singing is Kevin Jennings. I met him as Mr.Sunshine in the Baggot Inn and the International Bar over 25 years ago. He’s such a great singer and jammer. We really had a great chemistry and I didn’t know that we did all those years ago other than mutual respect. We’d never jammed. It’s a small world. He came down with his wife from Chania for a couple of nights. There was loadsa of new friendships made. The place is called Paleochora. Keep it to yourself!! X 🇬🇷☘️ ...

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Thanks to all that came to see me and my Trio last night. @stecosy on drums and Keith Farrell on Bass. And to @mark_caplice_music for playing beforehand. Ben for doing the sound. Thank you to the @casklimerick for their great hospitality. Happy Sunday. X ...

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Looking forward to playing the @casklimerick this Saturday with @stecosy on a drums and Keith Farrell on Bass!!
Posted @withregram • @casklimerick Oh my my my… Look who’s coming to @casklimerick this Summer!!! It’s MUNDY!!!! Tickets available now, link in bio!!! @mundy_music #casklimerick #mundy #livemusicvenue #livemusiclimerick

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Happy Birr Vintage week!!
Sorry I can’t be there

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On my way to get some lunch. ...

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Posted @withregram • @ballintubbert Join us for an intimate evening of music in the beautiful setting of the grand pavilion in Ballintubbert Gardens and House.

For our first evening of song we are privileged to welcome "Mundy" with his beautiful songwriting and musical talent. Mundy will be supported by the songstress Bayviin. Thursday August 18th, gates open at 7pm. Tickets €20 Ticket Link in Profile.

#irishcountryhouse #ballintubbertlive #ballintubbert #Mundy #Bayviin #Laois #keepdiscovering #musicconcert @mundy_music @laoistoday @laoisnews @laoisnews @laoisgardenfestival @laoispeople @bayviin @hotpressmagazine @intokildare @laoistourism

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Posted @withregram • @mulographynyc who says there’s only 20 tickets left. 😉 ...

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A longer version of our ‘unrehearsed - spur of the moment’ version on ‘light my fire’ filmed by @steveoleary4321 @forestfestemo

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I love this

Posted @withregram • @basquiatofficial Painted in 1982, Jean-Michel’s Cabeza features a striking black figure set against a brilliant yellow background and written on its chest the word, “Aopkhes,” the meaning for which remains mysterious, despite appearing in a number of Basquiat’s other artworks.

“I love Jean-Michel’s palette and the vibrancy of the colors he painted with. Color was key in expressing mood and emotion for Jean-Michel.”
–– Jeanine Basquiat

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This is as good and as close as it gets!! Thank you so much Dan!
It forever blows me away that people sit down and learn some of my songs. This was one was dreamed up in the basement flat of 79 Marlborough Rd in Dublin 6. I never thought the chorus was any good. Was waiting for a better one to come.Glad I never found it!
They may sound simple but they’re not easy peasy!

Posted @withregram • @danthemanmonaghan Little bit of “July” by my good friend and fellow Irishman @mundy_music

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I think @jeremywhelehan shot this or maybe Mark? (What’s yer handle?) #lightmyfire Keith Farrell got thrown in the deep end on this one. Was supposed to be Spancil Hill. @forestfestemo @crosbydunkley on Lights! @maxslounge on keys and @stecosy on drums Keith Farrell on Bass and me just singing a song from my favourite band of all @thedoors ...

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Thank you @jeremywhelehan for this one #toyouibestow 1-2-3 @forestfestemo lit by @crosbydunkley sound by Dave Crean ...

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Bow- Wow x 2
Thank you
Photo @tierneymaggie @forestfestemo

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To you I Bestow shot by @tierneymaggie

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We’ll that was a blast! These festivals are a bit stressful in that you get a small window to set up and you’re trying to keep your cool. Must start employing roadies again! Just have to say ALL the crew @forestfestemo were more than helpful. From artist liaison to security to stage management and lights. It was truly a joyous festival and gig. We did ‘light my fire’ with all the correct chords, without a rehearsal, it was a risk but I knew the crowd would hold us up. It was a great moment. Thanks to @jacklukeman_aka_jackl for introducing us and to all the other bands we met today. @thumper_666 @theriptidemovement and the ones we heard @thestunningband @something_happens_band and @cathydaveyofficial

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