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Madeleine Seiler – The Headline Agency
087 2475791
01 2602560
For Switzerland Bookings contact
Caroline Edwards (DeepDive Music)
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Ian Church
Ceol Music
1 Killycard Business Park
Co. Monaghan
Ph: 042 9746747
Mob: 087 813 9109
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Neil O’Brien
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Uptown Artist Group Agency
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Or call +1 (816) 916-4496

UK Music distribution
Jane McNulty (Shellshock Distribution)

Social Distancing my eye! Multiplication in the sun. ☮️❤️ ...

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Fooling around on my phone. I took a picture on 13/10/18 in New York of the Williamsburg (I think) Bridge whilst having an anxiety attack, enroute to @rockwoodmusichall during rush hour with @denibonet and her hubby Andrew. We were running tight on time and I was touring the States with a really painful broken leg. This is a painting of the photo - animated with an app. ✌🏻 ...

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Intersecting Raglan Rd.. there be a lane and down that lane, there be this. ...

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Letter of gratitude to Terence. T Shirts,T Towels, Full length Raglan Tops (Organic Cotton Baseball Style ) and CD’s available on ...

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I’m hopping on for 5-6 songs to help raise some money to provide hot meals for the elderly and the vulnerable in the Letterkenny Area. Go to @warehouse_bk Facebook Page. ...

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The time my guitar caught fire in the dressing room of a Porta Cabin on O’Connell St. Dublin before a gig that was celebrating 100 years of Independence. Derek Nelson magically restored the guitar and I’m still working away with it. I really thought it was game over. My strap was semi attached and the loose end was touching a cheap plug-in heater that obviously was exposing a red hot coil. Glad it was day time and not in a house in the small hours. 🙏🏻 Easter 2016 ...

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It was lovely to see @tanyadempseyart doing a brilliant mural of #joyceinquarantine outside one of Dublin best known pubs. ...

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Thank you @sunbeargelato for the scrumptious ice creams!! Bubblegum-Peanut Butter Brownie and Banoffie Pie.. frickin deadlo it is! #icecream 🇮🇪🌞🍦 ...

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Take 2.. Give us this day.. it was much better and lighter though not the exact result I’m searching for. I’m hell bent on having the starter that I made during this lock down in 10 years time as a romantic memory that keeps giving in the form of a loaf of bread. #sourdough Advice Welcome! ...

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Give us this day.. 1st attempt at #sourdough It was a bit dense but tasted great. I’ve a feeling it’s gonna be a longer road than I had signed up for! ...

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There he is!! #elvispresley #apparition (I’ll get my coat) ...

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I’ve posted this before but I stop every time I pass it. It does something to me. It’s like a Pegasus being shot in the shoulder during take off. That’s between me and you o.k?! 🤫#pegasus ...

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God is in the house.. #doversole Can you see #Elvis too like @teresanagig ? I can! 👑 ...

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Had a great ‘in the round’ jam session with @shobsy18 from @statelights and @craigacademic from @theacademic — there was only the three of us but it was a beautiful vibe. That was last Saturday night I think?! 👁🤔 There are other photos.. for another time maybe😉 ...

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These sculptures always catch me by surprise ‘down by the docks’. It’s a job really well done. We’ve come a long way kinda. #miseryhill #irishfamine ...

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It’s difficult to say no to a cup of ice-cream on the house. Thanks @p.lynam from @lynams_fine_foods That’s the delicious healthy wrap out the window. I’ll walk home so. #icecream 🍦 🏡 ...

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