Strawberry Blood

  /  Strawberry Blood
Artist: Mundy
Publisher: Camcor Recording Ireland
Release Date: 17/04/2009
01. Waiting for the night to come Download
02. Tenerife (Crusin’ Paradise) Download
03. It’s all yours Download
04. I miss the country Download
05. The corn and the orange sun Download
06. The valley (Dear Liza) Download
07. Strawberry Blood Download
08. Love is a casino Download
09. Avalon Download
10. January is blue Download
11. Head over heels Download
12. Pepper in my dreams Download
13. Fever Download
14. Me and my guitar Download

About The Release

Strawberry Blood, Mundy’s fourth studio album is possibly his most accomplished to date. Recorded in Grouse Lodge, Co Westmeath and the Cauldron, Dublin by Joe Chester, Strawberry Blood features an intriguing cast of contributors including Shane McGowan (Love is Casino), Gemma Hayes (Fever) and Interference man Fergus O’Farrell (Pepper in My Dreams). The result is a beautiful and uplfiting album that’s a true tonic for the times. “With what’s going on with the country and the world, it’s very easy to be negative and it’s very easy to write negative songs,” Mundy muses. “It’s more challenging to be positive. This album is thought provoking and reflective but fun and upbeat. It’s about taking on a challenge…and God loves a trier.”
Strawberry Blood is Mundy’s first album since Jellylegs to get a worldwide release due to the genius of itunes where a deluxe edition of the album comes with a 24 minute film Splurges which documents the journey he has made recording the album and trying out the material leading up to it’s release.