Mundy House Concerts: (For a limited time only!)

Have you ever thought about hosting a concert in your own home? Maybe you have a special occasion coming up and want to share some of your favourite music with your friends and family.

For example: To make it easy, nominate 6 friends to sell 5 tickets each. People bring their own seat,drinks and food (unless you want to provide this!) This is meant to be painless for you!

Depending on the size of your room you may need to provide a small Sound System – we can help you source one locally. We recommend a minimum of 15 people to ensure a good atmosphere!

Mundy will play a solo concert (2 sets of 40 mins) with a 15 minute interval so guests can use the bathroom and top up their drinks. A shorter set can also be arranged if there’s other entertainment lined up. You choose the arrival time and the curfew.

It is encouraged that guests are relatively quiet during the performance to make it a special evening for everyone.

Artist Fee and Deposit to be agreed via e mail:

Some interesting advice on hosting a house concert:

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